Another one bites the dust

Well, well, well. Ginger Taylor has given up! She won’t say that, but she has.

According to her, her original idea was to share her experiences with her son Chandler. That changed as time went on as she lied time and time again about Autism and it’s origins. She says the experience changed her life. It did – for the worse as she became one of the Autism community’s worst enemies.

If Chandler was two when she started the blog in 2004 that means he is now 19. The sooner he breaks away the better, especially as Taylor admits that she no longer uses the term “Autism” in her house. That is disgusting and shows the very ignorance of it she has been spreading around for the last 17 years. The meaning – contrary to what she claims – has not changed. Not at all. The way to diagnose may have (see the DSM-5) but social engineering has not done what she claims. It has promoted understanding – something that she has opposed from the get go. The use of the term “quirky” is a part of that. There has also not been a normalisation of disability. That’s impossible.

Taylor’s lack of understanding comes to the fore when she makes the offensive claim that Autism is brain inflammation in various forms. That is hate speech right there. A complete and utter lie and with no medical back up. That is the real reason that medical answers are rightly kicked to the curb. Medical treatment is for medical conditions. Autism is a human difference that can be a disability if it is allowed to be. Right now by law it’s a disability anyway in a world that insists on defining normal.

It’s funny in a negative way when Taylor says “It is human nature to deny our wrongs, hide from our sin, work selfishly in our own interests” when Taylor herself is guilty of this. Her only interest has been to cure Autism thinking she knows what it is when she doesn’t. The American health system is in trouble – she is right about that. But not for the reasons she thinks. It’s in trouble because not enough Americans have access to it.

The “dissident healers” (as Taylor calls them) will be brought down if they haven’t already. The Geiers have already gone. Mercola will go and so will Tenpenny amongst many others. None of them speak the truth anymore than Taylor has. The only relationship Autism has with hubris is the refusal to understand the condition. That sort of hubris is totally lacking in humility and love and Taylor has no right to claim it. She is guilty of a lack of it shown in one thing – a lack of understanding of what Autism really is

It would appear though that while Taylor may be moving out of the Autism realm, she is moving into general health. Without the socialism that Barack Obama tried to inject through Obamacare – the American health system is unsalvageable. It’s failure to cope with COVID leading to over 800,000 deaths in the United States and counting is proof of this.

You haven’t walked down the Autism road, Taylor. You diverted down a dead end dirt track – and for that I don’t thank you. I don’t even pity you.

I hate you.

Get out and stay out.

Taylor tries to mislead the Maine legislature again

The state of Maine since 2018 has improved markedly apparently. They have removed the non-medical exemptions in the state and Taylor is up in arms over it.

Taylor wasn’t going to react because she’s “retired” but some twit has talked her into making a submission to try and restore the exemptions per some bills that have been proposed. She has reproduced it on her blog.

She is lying to them – blatantly.

  1. The NCVIA (National Childhood Vaccination Injury Act) does NOT prohibit action against a defective vaccine.
  2. Driving a car and crossing a street is also “unavoidably unsafe”.
  3. Vaccine Safety Research has been done and is not available for public viewing due to commercial confidentiality.
  4. There is no coerced consent. Claiming coercion here is the same as claiming coercion to not commit a crime.
  5. Taylor does not understand the concept of compounds.
  6. The AMA doesn’t have members that have religious or philosophical exemptions.
  7. Corporate affiliation does NOT equal sponsorship.
  8. There is vaccine safety infrastructure in Maine;
    1. The adverse reaction rate is zero because there have been no proven adverse reactions. VAERS is not a reliable source for this.
    2. All physicians are trained in detecting vaccine adverse reactions. No exceptions.
    3. Maine DHHS, the Maine Chapter of the AAP and Maine Medical Association know who not to listen to because they have no proof that there is an issue. Supposition is not proof.
    4. They know the reason and the children are being neglected by the parents if they refuse to vaccinate their children without a proven medical reason.

Ken Albert did the right thing. He knew what was happening was rubbish and an urgent reversal was needed. The lying parents needed to lose their influence, and quick. That is why meeting them was “not a priority”. You wouldn’t talk to criminals about changes to criminal statutes would you? It’s the same thing. Calling on the Maine Immunization Program to gather information on adverse events is taking them out of their jurisdiction. Anything genuine would be passed on to the Maine DHHS for investigation.

Taylor then talked about her fraudulent Maine Consumer Protection Act, which in spite of everything still isn’t law in Maine. And nor should it be. Vaccine adverse events are in the jurisdiction of Washington DC, not Augusta. The NCVIA is federal law and the Court of Federal Claims (AKA the Vaccine Court) is a federal court. If Taylor thinks Maine isn’t aware of this she’s more deluded than I thought. Parents reports about doctors not knowing this are clearly lying. They took the context out entirely in order to mislead the Maine Legislature and thankfully they knew it. The point is they don’t need to know. It’s not their job. See what I said in the previous paragraph about jurisdiction.

Parents are doing the wrong thing. They are going to doctors saying “This is an adverse reaction to a vaccine”. They are not doctors. They do not know. Never assume. They should be going to doctors and report the symptoms only and make no judgement whatsoever on what it is. That is the doctor’s job. Anti vax parents are stupid – they don’t know how to get the job done properly. Taylor is trying to promote doctors as idiots, and she will never get any respect from the government (Augusta or DC) as long as she does that. She does not know better than them. She never has and she never will – especially when she expects doctors to be lawyers (the vaccine insert is a legal document, not a medical guide).

Ginger Taylor should stay retired as an advocate. She totally fails in this regard. Parents who refuse to get their children vaccinated for any non medical reason is guilty of child neglect. That is a criminal offence. And Taylor is clearly inciting that with this nonsense.

CDC caves in to hate speech

Taylor’s first entry on her hate blog in over 12 months could be put down to the pandemic. But I doubt it.

In this entry she is celebrating a simple change on the CDC website – the removal of a headline “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism”. She claims that Autism hate group ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) waged a three year legal campaign against the claim on the CDC website. They are claiming victory.

And yet;

Plain as day – the sub heading says; “There is no link between vaccines and autism”.

And there isn’t.

Taylor has made claims about her own son – Pertussis, Hep B, and five other vaccines caused his Autism according to her and not the MMR. She is claiming that the research that says vaccines don’t cause Autism haven’t been done on most other vaccines. The focus – she says – is on MMR and thiomersal (aka the mercury claim). Now I don’t know whether that’s true or not but I do know that Taylor is a habitual liar so I’m not taking her word for it. Especially when she uses terminology like “my son regressed into autism” – a total lie. You can’t regress in to Autism! Regression occurs when one is already Autistic!

Some people on Taylor’s side have called the headline removal confusing (because of the presence of the link I gave) and it caused her to use her blog entry to launch into a slanted history of the dispute. And the biggest one is the claim that there was a connection noted in Kanner’s paper on Autism in 1943!

The only person making that connection within the content of the paper is Taylor herself! She has made a massively paranoid and baseless assumption relating to the smallpox vaccine (which the paper notes the reaction and “he recovered in somewhat less than a week”), and ignores the “he has gone backward mentally gradually for the last two years”. If it was the smallpox vaccine the regression would not have taken two years gradually. It would have been a whole lot quicker than that! This lie is repeated in a note to the US administration in early 1976 (Taylor lied again here claiming it was Jimmy Carter when he didn’t actually become US President until January 20, 1977).

Taylor added a personal note from the 1988/1989 US school year claiming she heard a professor at George Mason University in Virginia claim that vaccines caused Autism – based solely on Rainman. She has never named the professor that I recall, and I would suggest that if that got out the professor would have been sacked for making a completely unproven claim. Remember that at the time knowledge of what Autism is remained in pieces so many mistakes were made – indeed, including in Rainman which is now seen as stereotypical and unhelpful (notwithstanding the magnificent job Dustin Hoffman did with the material he was given and rightly earning an Academy Award for the performance).

In 1991 a paper was published that was rightly rejected. Taylor claims that Autism doesn’t onset in 28 days – and actually she’s right. But that actually proves that vaccines have nothing to do with it, because if it did there WOULD be an onset within 28 days! See what I said about the smallpox situation!

Taylor then arrives at Wakefield, who she claims made the same connection Kanner “did” (remember – he didn’t; Taylor made that connection herself). The key here is that it was made clear in the findings of the British Medical Council that Wakefield falsified his work. So by default Taylor is guilty of the same falsification. Of course Wakefield did do other things besides, but Taylor needs to be very careful who she makes comparisons with and more importantly why!

In 1999 a paper was put out about mercury – and Taylor (and every other anti vaxxer at the time – Robert F Kennedy Jnr in particular) failed to differentiate between pure mercury (which was what the report was about) and ethyl mercury (the derivative in thiomersal). This led to the Myth about Mercury Poisoning. Taylor noted Kirby’s fictional “Evidence of Harm” as part of the history in 2005.

Of course Taylor then brought up the Poling matter. I have always said the vaccines were not at fault there. It was the administering doctor who should NOT have administered nine vaccines in five shots on the one visit. And the doctor was never punished – that was the fault of the US Court of Federal Claims make up. In a proper court the doctor would have been in big trouble as he should have been. But the blame fell to the vaccines themselves – leaving aside for the moment that Hannah was already Autistic before the event. The vaccines did cause a regression – not because of the vaccines themselves but because of the doctor not using them correctly.

I’m not going to review this any further because I want to make the following historical notes;

  1. There is no Autism epidemic as it is not a disease. It is a human difference.
  2. Autism was always there at the rates currently seen. It wasn’t being diagnosed because the diagnostic criteria was not there. (Case in point – yours truly until I was 31)
  3. There are least four Autistics in history who were Autistic even before the smallpox vaccine.
  4. Kanner’s paper was NOT the first on Autism.

So no surprise – Ginger Taylor has learned nothing. She is promoting Autism as being caused by vaccines. That is hate speech as I have said. Autism is genetic – always has been and always will be. No amount of bleating by Taylor is going to change that fact.

The Pro Vax Manifesto failure

I am past being amazed at Taylor’s dumb meter. She goes ahead and reprints a blog entry from May 2017 thinking that it’s still valid now when in the comments of said entry she linked, the writer (Brett Wilcox) was owned well and truly by a user called W&N. I also commented on the entry at various points.

Anyway, as a pro vaxxer here are my replies, with the ones covered by W&N noted (said user didn’t address all of them) and this is a long entry so be warned;

* All disease is bad.
W&N: By definition disease is bad.

And unlike vaccines, disease can and has killed.
* All vaccines are good.
W&N: Not true: for example Novavax’s RSV vaccine…that recently failed in clinical trials.

And whatever other vaccines that have also failed at that stage.
* The science is settled, all vaccines work.
W&N: Not true—the licensed vaccines work, but there are countless examples beyond the Novavax example of vaccines that don’t work.

Enough said!
* All vaccines are equally effective.
W&N: Not true—the pertussis vaccine is much less effective then the measles vaccine.

Enough said again!
* All vaccines are equally safe.
W&N: That is not true—the rabies vaccine is much less safe than the measles vaccine.

And the vaccines also depend – read this carefully you lot – on being administered correctly.

* Vaccines are tested for safety more than any other pharmaceutical product.
W&N: That is true…all you have to do is to read the FDA site….

And also don’t listen to Robert F Kennedy Junior on that one!
* Vaccine safety studies are long term studies, meaning they last for more than four days.
W&N: Not true: vaccine safety studies go for years….all you have to do is to read the words…

And they never stop. There is always a way to improve vaccines.
* Experimental vaccines intended for babies are first tested on babies.
W&N: Not true—no vaccine is first tested on babies.

Enough said on that one!
* Experimental vaccines that will eventually be given to unhealthy children are first tested on unhealthy children.
W&N: Not true—no vaccine is first tested on babies

The repeat is warranted and correct!
* Vaccine safety studies always include inert placebos.
W&N: Vaccine studies use correct placebos…seriously, this is middle-school science!

Too right! Use of inert placebos give exponential results that have no scientific validity.
* The entire vaccine schedule has been studied for safety.
W&N: That is true. Here is a summary review:
“Each new vaccine considered for inclusion in the immunization schedule is tested within the context of the existing schedule and reviewed by clinical researchers, who analyze the balance of demonstrated benefits and risks.”

This again proves how wrong Kennedy Junior is.

* The theory and the practice of vaccination are identical.
Theory and practice in EVERYTHING is NEVER identical!
* Vaccine Information Sheets contain the same information as Vaccine Package Inserts.
No they don’t!
* Vaccination equals immunization, yet the public should still fear and ostracize the unvaccinated.
That’s because the unvaccinated threaten herd immunity, potentially rendering immunisation ineffective.
* Vaccines work, but only if everyone else is vaccinated because, of course, my medicine makes your medicine more effective.
That last bit is childish rubbish but the rest is true (see again herd immunity)
* Everyone should be forced to vaccinate to protect the vaccinated from getting the diseases for which they were vaccinated.
Oh boy – more ignorance of the concept of herd immunity. That is a childish remark that is misleading to the max.

* Vaccines have never caused ADHD, tics, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, learning disabilities, cancer, diabetes, eczema, paralysis, autism, or any other injury.
* It’s just a coincidence when babies get sick, diseased, regress, or die following vaccination.
Correct again, unless the vaccine has been administered incorrectly.
* Vaccination is the leading cause of coincidences.
No, the leading cause of coincidences is human behaviour.

* There is nothing in vaccines that could hurt a baby or anyone else. That’s why vaccine manufacturers and doctors can’t be sued for vaccine injury or death.
Doctors CAN be sued for negligence – when they administer the vaccine incorrectly.
* If vaccines injure a baby, it’s the baby’s fault for having bad genes. Vaccines just identify the defect.
Wrong. Vaccines have never injured a baby. The administrator of the vaccine however….
* Vaccines are composed of neurotoxins, human fetal DNA, animal tissue, adjuvants, allergens, antigens, and contaminants. Buildings are evacuated and hazmat teams are called when the contents of a vaccine spill on the floor. That’s why the same ingredients are safe when repeatedly injected into pregnant women, infants, toddlers, teens, the aged, and virtually everyone in between.
Total bunk. Vaccines are compounds. Enough said.
* The toxic ingredients in vaccines make sick people healthy and healthy people healthier.
Wrong, because there are no toxic ingredients – like salt and fresh water.

* Injecting toxins is no different than ingesting toxins.
No toxins, so an irrelevant statement.
* Because one vaccine is safe, two, four, eight vaccines etc. are equally safe.
That draws on the idea above that all vaccines are equally effective, which W&N already proved wrong.
* Vaccines are better than vitamins, the more you get, the healthier you are.
Vaccines and vitamins go hand in hand so this is a misleading statement.
* Studies show that vaccine injuries and deaths increase as the number of vaccines increase. That’s why babies can safely receive thousands of vaccines at once.
What studies? Show me one genuine study that says that! What rot!

* High-pitched screams, fevers, lethargy, being zoned out, sleeping for days, diarrhea, and seizures are normal vaccine reactions.
No, at worst they are reactions to a vaccine being administered incorrectly.
* Normal reactions are not vaccine injury.
Correct – a rash or a lump and so on.

* The US vaccine schedule is the only schedule in the world.
Misleading again – the schedule is not hard and fast!
* There are no alternative schedules.
Doctors are free to amend the schedule on a case by case basis. If they aren’t doing that, they are administering vaccines wrong.
* Alternative schedules are untested and dangerous.
As long as the child (or adult) gets the vaccine at the appropriate time within the restraints of the vaccine requirements there is no issue.

* Until recently, 100% of people failed to notice behaviors and traits associated with autism that have always existed in 2% of the population. Some of these behaviors and traits include head banging, spinning, hand flapping, poop smearing, delayed speech, speech regression, inability to speak, speaking in an abnormal tone of voice, repeating words and phrases over and over again, yelling, crying, or laughing for no apparent reason, obsessive attachment to unusual objects, gastrointestinal problems, explosive diarrhea, extreme sensitivity to light, sound and touch, indifference to temperature or pain, difficulty understanding other people’s feelings, reactions, or facial expressions, resistance to being touched, failure to bond or emotionally connect with parents, siblings, and others, wandering, and lack of fear of water sometimes resulting in drowning.
NOT 100 percent! That is rubbish – Autistics who did that were put in institutions and hidden away by parents who were ashamed. That’s why they weren’t noticed, and it wasn’t even diagnosed as Autism! This is hate speech against Autism and it has to stop!

* Autism is normal.
Autism is a human difference. There is no such thing as normal.
* Autism is a gift.
Only if one makes it one.
* Autism should be celebrated.
* Parents who don’t celebrate their kids’ autism are selfish crybabies.
They are in fact a threat to their Autistic children.
* Autism is an evolutionary response to the computer age.
No that’s not true. Autism has always been there.
* No vaccine has ever caused autism.
* Only one now debunked paper written solely by one now disgraced doctor has ever linked vaccines to autism.
No there have been more than that, but each of them have been debunked as well.
* That man is a fraud and he’s personally responsible for killing millions of babies just like Hitler.
That one man (Andrew Wakefield) is not responsible for that. It’s multiple people and there haven’t been that many deaths.

* Media outlets can be trusted because they always report the truth about vaccines.
Yes they do, because they have a responsibility to research the facts.
* Media outlets are not influenced by corporate sponsors or government censorship.
* Media should shame and mock parents of vaccine-injured children, especially the moms.
Shame them – yes. Mock them – no. That’s going too far, unless they say something that is mock worthy. Gender is irrelevant.
* Media should libel and misquote doctors and scientists who address vaccine safety issues.
No they should not. They should quote accurately in all respects and have.
* Media should not give fair and equal airtime to parents of vaccine-injured children.
Of course not. But the issue is there are NO vaccine injured children.
* Media sponsored hate speech is bad … unless it’s targeting parents of vaccine-injured children.
There is no hate speech against parents of such children – because they don’t exist.
* Media should slam movies such as Vaxxed without ever watching them.
Media listens to those who have so watching it is not necessarily required. However most have watched it, and reviewed it appropriately.

* The pharmaceutical industry does not influence medical school curriculum.
* Doctors are taught everything there is to know about vaccination:
1. disease is bad
2. vaccines are good
3. the vaccine schedule
4. vaccine administration and
5. strategies to coerce vaccine hesitant parents and others to vaccinate.

That is NOT all there is to know about vaccines.

* Listen to your doctor … unless your doctor warns you about the dangers of vaccination.
Every doctor warns about rashes and lumps that may happen.
* The ethical principle of informed consent which was established after World War II to prevent further medical experimentation on uninformed and unwilling subjects does not apply to vaccination.
Anti vaxxers are not informed, so they are incapable of informed consent.
* When doctors coerce and threaten parents to vaccinate their kids, they are not violating medical ethics.
No they aren’t. It’s not medically ethical to do the wrong thing by the child, and unless it is medically contraindicated not vaccinating the child is against medical ethics.
* Medical providers should chart adverse events from medications, but they should deny vaccine-induced adverse events because vaccines are safe and effective.
Not applicable, because there have been no proven vaccine induced adverse events brought on by the vaccines alone – except for the minor ones like rashes and lumps etc.
* Doctors who address vaccine safety concerns should lose their medical licenses.
If the issue addressed is rubbish then yes they should (and have!)

* The HPV vaccine has been proven to prevent cancer.
* Teen aged girls who fake injury—including paralysis, full body tics, and debilitating pain resulting in being confined to their homes and beds—after getting the HPV vaccine should see a shrink for psychological problems.
No they should report the administering doctor for using the vaccine incorrectly.
* Exposure to chickenpox and measles in childhood provides no health benefits later in life.
Not true.
* Getting chickenpox is very bad and very scary.
Getting ANY disease is potentially bad and scary.
* Getting measles is very, very bad and very, very scary because measles is one of the most lethal diseases on Earth and probably in the whole universe. That’s why parents used to take their kids to measles and chickenpox parties.
Parents who did that were arrested for child abuse. You quarantine a child with the measles! Yes, the measles can be lethal – just ask Roald Dahl!

* Vaccines don’t contain human fetal DNA.
Vaccines are a compound as previously noted.
* Only two babies have been aborted for vaccine research.
NO baby has been aborted for that purpose!!

* Vaccines used to contain mercury, but that doesn’t matter because it was the good kind.
Ethyl mercury is contained in breast milk. Enough said.
* Vaccines don’t contain mercury anymore, but that doesn’t matter because it was the good kind.
See what I just said.
* Vaccines now banned in developed countries because they contained mercury are still being used in developing countries, but that doesn’t matter because it’s the good kind.
No vaccine has been banned for this reason. The thiomersal has simply been removed.
* The amount of mercury in some “preservative- or thimerosal-free” vaccines exceeds the EPA safety limit and must be disposed of as hazardous waste. But that doesn’t matter, because it’s the good kind of hazardous waste.
Total bunk! All vaccines have some form of preservative. They have to in order to last the extra time and even then it has to be refridgerated.

* Aluminum is a known neurotoxin and is proven to play a significant role in promoting neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism. That’s why it’s safe to inject newborns with aluminum in excess of EPA safety limits.
It is NO SUCH THING! If it was we wouldn’t be using aluminium in other manners including soft drink cans, aluminium foil and cookware!
* Aluminum is essential for optimal brain functioning and development.
There is no proof of that claim.

* There is no valid reason for religious people to object to vaccination because God has no problem with injecting healthy babies time and time again with a variety of cell-killing and brain-damaging concoctions.
There is no cell killing or brain damaging concoctions so this is irrelevant.

* People get Hepatitis B from dirty needles and sexual activity. That’s why Hep B negative mothers should consent to have their 1 day old infants injected with the Hep B vaccine.
Hep B is spread in many other ways as well.

* Pus from cowpox eradicated smallpox.
The smallpox vaccine eradicated smallpox.
* 10% of the Earth’s population received smallpox vaccines. That’s why nearly everyone needs to be vaccinated to eradicate a disease.
Smallpox didn’t get into many countries so this is a misleading claim.
* Not getting the chickenpox vaccine will kill millions of people from smallpox.
* Not getting the measles vaccine will put millions of kids in iron lungs.
The iron lungs are for polio, not the measles!!
* Environmental toxins and tonsillectomies had nothing to do with America’s polio epidemic and polio disease reclassification had nothing to do with reversing the epidemic.
* The polio vaccine used in India is not causing paralysis in 30,000 children per year.
Correct. The issue is India’s poor sanitation.

* Sanitation, clean drinking water, and good food are responsible for the reduction of diseases for which there are currently no vaccines. However, once a vaccine is developed for any of those diseases, the previous statement will no longer be valid.
Misleading. Sanitation etc reduced mortality rates. The prevalence of disease did not change until the vaccine was introduced.

* Immunocompromised people should not be vaccinated with live virus vaccines … unless they live in developing countries.
No, such people should not be vaccinated at all!
* The oral polio vaccine should never be given to HIV positive people … unless they live in Africa.
* Being sick is no reason not to get vaccinated.
It is a very good reason to delay it! I’ve done that myself with the flu vaccine, but I still got it once I got over the illness.

* It would be unethical to conduct a prospective vaxxed vs. unvaxxed study because withholding vaccines from children would kill them.
No, it’s unethical because of other factors that would be exponential.
* It would be impossible to conduct a retroprospective vaxxed vs. unvaxxed study because all the unvaxxed kids have already died from vaccine preventable diseases.
No, again the exponential factor would apply.

* Vaccines have never been tested for safety with pregnant women and their fetuses. That’s why it’s safe to inject them in pregnant women.
They have been tested for that.
* Pregnant women should avoid alcohol, antibiotics, Thalidomide, and other pharmaceutical products, but should receive all vaccines offered them at any stage of their pregnancies.
Correct – and you forgot uncooked fish.
* Babies are born vaccine deficient.
Babies are born without protection from disease, except diseases their mother was vaccinated for during pregnancy.
* Premature infants need the protection from vaccines even more than full term infants.
Probably, but they need other protections as well and premature infants wouldn’t be vaccinated at first anyway.
* Even though the pertussis vaccine does not prevent the transmission of pertussis and is known to result in asymptomatic carriers of the disease, vaccinating family members is the best way to protect newborns from whooping cough.
That rule applies to all vaccines – transmission is not prevented in any instance. But in order for transmission to happen the person has to actually have the disease!

*Drug companies make drugs for profit, but they make vaccines out of the goodness of their hearts.
They make vaccines because they are good for the community and spend as much as they make in research. So no, vaccines do not make a profit – at all.
* Anti-vaxxers enrich themselves writing and selling anti-vaccine propaganda.
There are certainly examples of that even though many do not.

* The industry has never lied about vaccine safety, efficacy, or necessity.
* The industry has never faked vaccine research.
* The industry would never divide vaccine lots to spread out and hide vaccine injury and death.
There’s nothing to hide.
* The industry would never test vaccines on orphans, disabled people, or people of color.
They don’t test vaccines on any human being.
* Merck lied about Vioxx, but it would never lie about its vaccines.
Vioxx was a single mistake and using it as a catch all excuse is paranoia at it’s finest.
* Merck supervisors did not order its scientists to fake the efficacy of the mumps vaccine.
That’s an example of the paranoia I was just talking about.

* The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation didn’t get booted out of India for conducting cloaked vaccine trials on Indian girls resulting in thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths.
Correct. The Foundation continues to have a substantive presence in India today.
* The Gates Foundation isn’t preparing to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of African babies with an experimental malaria vaccine known to have negative efficacy, meaning that vaccinated babies get malaria at a higher rate than vaccine free babies.
No experimental vaccine is being used or even planning to be used on any babies, let alone African babies.

* The CDC’s primary interest is the health and safety of American children.
The CDC’s primary interest is the health and safety of ALL Americans.
* The CDC can be trusted to regulate vaccine safety issues because it owns over 50 vaccine patents and profits from vaccine sales.
As with the pharmaceutical companies, there is no profit in vaccines. Anything from the patents goes to the wages of those who work for the CDC.
* CDC employees have no conflicts of interest.
* When the CDC reports that the flu vaccine is 40% effective, that means that the vaccine prevents the flu in four out of ten people.
Wrong. It provides some protection in all recipients by reducing the symptoms without actually preventing it.
* CDC employees have never consorted with industry or the medical establishment to hide the relationship between mercury-containing Thimerosal and autism.
There is no relationship.
* CDC employees have never consorted with industry or the medical establishment to hide the relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism.
There is no relationship.
* CDC employees have never trashed data linking the MMR vaccine to autism.
Yes they have because the data was wrong. You always trash incorrect data.
* There is no CDC whistleblower.

* There is no such thing as a Vaccine Court because there’s no such thing as vaccine injury.
What rot! Of course there’s a Court of Federal Claims!
* The Vaccine Court has not paid out more than $3.5 billion for vaccine injury and death.
The Vaccine Court pays out on probability, not proof, so this is a misleading claim.

* Congress is not influenced by donations from Big Pharma.
Correct. Congress has always known that vaccines are okay.
* Congress has never ignored vaccine safety issues.
Correct – because there haven’t been any.
* Congress has never been complicit in hiding vaccine safety issues from the public.
There aren’t any that have answers elsewhere. They know (with the odd stupid exceptions like Dan Burton)

* Scientific journals can be trusted.
Of course they can.
* The papers in scientific journals can be trusted.
If they have been cited and peer reviewed by proper peers, yes.
* The drug industry does not ghostwrite pro-vax papers for scientists to sign.
* Scientists who address vaccine safety issues should be censured or fired.
If they get it wrong as some have done, yes they should (and have been!)

* The anti-vax movement is a recent phenomenon.
No, that’s not true. Vaccine hesitancy goes right back to the introduction of the smallpox vaccine.
* Anti-vaxxers get their information from a Playboy bunny.
False. Jenny McDumbell is just one person of many morons.
* Anti-vaxxers get their information from the Internet and everybody knows you can’t trust anything on the Internet, except for the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the pharmaceutical industry.
And qualified scientists, biologists, toxicologists etc etc who say the same thing. You can trust the Internet, IF and ONLY if you actually understand what you are reading. Anti vaxxers don’t.
* The AAP has no conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry.
None have been proven.

* All unvaccinated people are dangerous vectors of disease.
Yes, unless there are enough immunised people around them to provide herd immunity.
* All vaccinated kids with HIV, Hep B, chicken pox, measles, influenza, whooping cough, etc., should be allowed in school.
I’m not going to address this one because it is a massive fail in comprehension. How can any kid who is vaccinated have any of those diseases – well except for the flu and in that case the statement is NOT true.
* All children recently vaccinated with live virus vaccines should be allowed in school.
There are no live virus vaccines by definition. The so-called “live virus” is half dead by the time vaccination occurs if I remember correctly.
* All unvaxxed kids are by definition sick and dangerous disease vectors.
Sick – no. But the second part is right, unless enough kids around them are vaccinated as per what I said above about unvaccinated people in general.
* All unvaxxed kids should be banned from school, because they’re especially dangerous on weekdays from 8 am to 3 pm.
Actually they are dangerous 24/7/365, but remember that a few unvaccinated kids are so because they have a good medically valid reason not to be.
* All anti-vaxxers are anti-science.
They think they are not but they are.
* All anti-vaxxers are baby killers.
That imputes first degree murder. I would go the manslaughter course.
* All anti-vaxxers should lose custody of their children.
* All anti-vaxxers should be quarantined, jailed, or hung.
Hung – no. The other two – YES!
* When someone dies of a disease, unvaccinated people should be charged, tried, and convicted of murder.
If it can be proven that the disease was transmitted by an unvaccinated person who willfully failed to get vaccinated and had no medical excuse not to, yes.

* Pro-vaxxers are logical, pro-science, and open-minded.
Absolutely true in my case and in most other cases.
* Pro-vaxxers tolerate differing points of view and are all around caring, compassionate people.
It depends – if the differing point of view is based in dangerous community threatening lies the idea of caring about them and being compassionate with them goes out the window.

That’s it. I’ll be linking Wilcox to this as soon as possible, and I wonder if he’ll respond. It will be interesting. Taylor will regret attracting my attention to this list.

Ginger Taylor is a dishonourable person

The last person here who can talk about honour is Ginger Taylor.

In her latest rant, she speaks again in religious terms quoting from that irrelevant history book and twisting it to her own advantage.

The funny thing is that the mantra of making a mistake, apologising and making up for it is actually correct. The problem is Taylor won’t practice what she preaches.

1. Stop the wrong that we are doing – yes, Taylor, and that means stop lying about vaccines. It is a wrong that you are doing.

2. Admit to what we did wrong – yes, Taylor, and that means you need to admit you lied about vaccines.

3. Clean up our mess, and make it a little better than what it was before your breach – yes, Taylor, and that means taking down your fraudulent list of studies from Scribd, revoke any contributions you made to the Maine legislature with your lies about vaccines and wind up all your anti vaccine activity. Oh, and also go back to school on Autism.

Taylor then has a rant of there being no one left in world with honour. This is massive hypocrisy. She thinks that she is a woman of honour and slaps herself on the wrist for not using that term simply because it was nowhere else. She has no right to make the claim because as I have proven not just above but in previous entries she lacks that honour – because she is a liar.

After slagging off on most Presidents in history as not honourable (naturally in the case of Trump, Bush Junior, Nixon, Johnson and to a degree purely because of Monica, Clinton) and attention seekers (Trump is the only one that fits that category), and claiming Ron Paul was an honourable man – Paul opposes the Federal Reserve and the War on Drugs and that is far from honourable – she claims the world is cultivating sociopathy! Hey, Taylor, you’re part of the problem! You are engaging in anti social behaviour for all the wrong reasons! Massive hypocrisy like I said!

Pro vaccine proponents naturally get an undeserved serve for lacking honour. People like Paul Offit, Richard Pan and Dorit Reiss have more honour in their respective pinkies than Taylor has in her entire body. The proof lies in Taylor’s claim that doctors are taught to be dishonourable. What – there’s no such thing as the Hippocratic Oath now? That’s insulting and further proves Taylor’s lack of honour.

Taylor called for her children to strive to be people of honour. I call on you, Taylor, to finally be an honourable person and follow the three points I made above. You want honour? Practice what you preach – otherwise you will just be another example of a person who lacks honour.

Ginger Taylor is an Anti-Vaxxer

I repeat – Ginger Taylor is an Anti-Vaxxer.

And that’s not a bigoted epithet, nor is it a smear.

It is a fact.

Bigotry is based in racial or cultural difference (including religion). Anti vaccine conduct is neither of these. And yet Taylor wants it noted as such on the basis of “choice”. There are things that one can’t choose and race is one of them. Culture is another. Religion is of course debatable at the root, but whatever choice is made there, an automatic culture follows. Being anti vaccine is not a culture. It is a cult of sickness. The use of the term “epithet” is simply trying to add emphasis on the claim of bigotry – which doesn’t exist.

Taylor even gets her examples wrong – she links to the Daily Beast from late March 2019 (the very same article she complained about back in May) claiming that some woman who had delivered a combined 77 vaccine doses to her two sons was an anti vaxxer. There was no such note in the article at all. She links to the LA Times from early September this year claiming that a paediatrician who “deliverers” (her word!) vaccines every day was an anti vaxxer. Just because Bob Sears sometimes gives vaccines when asked doesn’t exonerate his anti vax activity. And she links to the Boston Herald from May 2017 claiming a Princeton/Harvard educated father of a disabled daughter who “works to improve vaccines safety, science and policy” was an anti vaxxer. The editorial was talking about Andrew Wakefield, not Mark Blaxill as Taylor was claiming!

Every single example Taylor gives in her entry claiming bigotry is irrelevant. Everything she gives is based in bigotry. Genuine bigotry. Anti vaccine conduct isn’t bigotry. It’s across the board bad behaviour that threatens children’s lives. That as a practical fact makes a person “less than” – something that Taylor is crying about. It’s criminal conduct that she is seeking to excuse. All this talk about vaccine injury that has not been proven to be such, and even with the instances that have been admitted to, it has been what’s called a system error. That is, the vaccine was not used correctly.

One note – Taylor uses one headline to claim that pro vaxxers were calling anti vaxxers “Nazis”. That headline she linked was in fact about an ANTI VAXXER using the term! In this case the idiotic Taylor Winterstein in describing the Samoan government for mandating the measles vaccine in the face of an epidemic which has already taken more than 40 young lives as I type this! Ginger Taylor needs to actually read the links before using them I think!

Comparing “anti vaxxer” to any racial slur of any sort is desperation at it’s finest. It shows that this foolish woman is losing it and hopefully that becomes a trend. Spending 15 years “trying to make the vaccine program safer” when there was nothing wrong with it is anti vaccine conduct.

She calls herself a person “worthy of being treated with dignity”. The right to dignity is forfeited when one lies about the most important and successful medical preventative practice in history – vaccines.

And you, Ginger Taylor, are a liar. I state that, and will back it up as well, as a fact. I don’t believe you should be hung as the Boston Herald said Andrew Wakefield should be. That’s too good for you or any other anti vaxxer. Punishment will come. It’s just a question of when.

Facebook penalises Taylor

The atheist in me was delighted to read that Taylor had got a seven day block for hate speech for publishing a religious piece on her timeline claiming that all humans are “broken”.

She uses this doctrine presumably to invigourate her claims that vaccine production is broken as well – not realising that it also reflects on her.

I was annoyed that the block was rescinded, even though the post remained deleted.

Now whilst it’s true that no human being is perfect, using it in the incorrect manner is the very definition of hate speech. It’s anti diversity – something that I for one will always jump on. That’s what Taylor is all about – anti diversity. She displays it by blaming vaccines for one very important piece of human diversity. It’s called Autism. She doesn’t respect all human difference, which if you interpret that religious piece in a certain way she actually defies. That makes her fact check on Facebook inaccurate. She called it “True”. Interpreted the way I see it, the correct answer from her is “False”. The piece can be seen to support equality in humanity. Taylor doesn’t, and can’t. That’s because she doesn’t understand humanity, and doesn’t want to.


Taylor is afraid of free publicity

You know someone is afraid of getting out there when they reject media approaches that are ideal chance to get their message out.

Ginger Taylor has lost it.

She no longer wants the publicity unless it’s on her terms.

It doesn’t work like that, dummy!

This entry appeared on Saturday while I was in Adelaide. By even reacting the way that she did, the Daily Beast was bound to use what she said against her. Talk about naive to the max! If she didn’t want to contribute, she should have said nothing. But oh no – she had to have a crack at Big Pharma and got quoted accordingly, as well as leaving herself wide open to being interpreted the way that she was – struggling for funding. Taylor claimed it was a lie. It was a reasonable interpretation of what she said, so it can not be called a lie in the strictest sense. Also, vaccine choice and anti vaccine are the same thing.

The Daily Beast’s story was indeed the sort of story that Taylor was concerned about. Of course – because it told the truth and Taylor isn’t interested in the truth.

However I wouldn’t compare the Daily Beast to Time Magazine in terms of mainstream influence. Time wins that one on one battle hands down. Taylor knew of the Time journo who contacted her straight away through his previous stories. And yet she gave him written fodder without the context that a face to face interview would have done. The journo is closing the research phase on May 15. The current edition is dated May 13 which suggests that the story would be in the edition dated May 27 at the earliest. Hopefully it will be available online for free. I am looking forward to seeing Taylor be buried as she should be and as the Daily Beast already did.

Equally though, Taylor should also be careful what she says to a journo. If she has something to hide – don’t say anything. That’s why I wasn’t upset like she is when I was quoted in the Jonathan Mitchell Newsweek article. It happens. Unlike Taylor, I’m not afraid of the media. It’s all down to how you use it, like everything else.

Taylor failed to use it. And that’s on her. If they come to you, use the opportunity if you can. I missed out once in 2014 during the state election campaign. In hindsight I should have stopped my local campaign to go to Melbourne and get my story in print in The Age. It was a mistake and I own that mistake. Taylor doesn’t have the courage to admit to her mistakes.

Cherry picking again!

This is ridiculous!

If there’s one thing that is common amongst the anti vaxxers it’s lifting quotes out of context and putting them as stand alone comments to try and make the speaker look bad. That’s what Taylor did in her latest entry trying to attack Paul Offit.

Unlike her – I actually listened to the question and the whole comment. Here is the full transcript of the question and the answer with Taylor’s extraction underlined.

Q: Doctor Offit, on a slightly different topic, some people feel that the vaccine discussion is really a discussion – a surrogate discussion for other issues. The role of big government, the role of the law in a complex society, the difficulty some people have adjusting to a very complex society. If they are surrogate issues, how can one approach that if one truly believes in the usefulness of vaccines.

A: It’s a great question, and I think as physicians we always ask that question when parents come in for example and complain about or are upset about a certain set of symptoms which when you hear it are actually fairly benign, you always ask the question “What are you worried about?”. And then you suddenly hear this story that they’re worried about leukemia for example, it is – you know – it is far greater than what the symptoms would clue you into. And so I think that’s what we have to do as physicians or scientists and just try and understand actually what is the real concern here. I mean, Vaccinations aren’t easy. This isn’t an easy thing to do. We ask a lot of our citizens. To get as many as 26 inoculations in the first few years of life, and five shots at one time. It’s hard to do that, especially given that vaccination is a violent act, you pin the child down, you give them this biological agent against their will. The biological agent generally isn’t understood well by the parent, and to some extent not understood all that well by the physician. I’m not sure we do a great job at educating physicians about exactly what vaccines are and how they work, and you don’t see these diseases and we get you know vaccines against 14 different diseases in the first few years of life with a lot of inoculations. I think that’s a lot to ask so it’s understandable I think that people could push back, but you need to understand as you’re saying – what is it that they’re scared of? What is it that frightens them?

This is what Taylor is intentionally hiding. Paul is talking about the natural fears of something new from a very basic level and noting this as the true core of the opposition to vaccines – and he is saying that this is wrong and needs to be overcome. He’s not admitting anything like Taylor thinks he is. He’s applying context that Taylor is ignoring. What is there to worry about? The answer is nothing. Paul makes a good point about education of doctors in particular because if they knew as much as the scientists knew they could allay these fears more confidently.

Taylor’s fear is without foundation. She is not thinking clearly and is desperate to grab anything and never mind the context. It’s deluded people like that which Paul Offit ignores – and he is right to do so. He knows very well as I do that these fools are indeed making a Deadly Choice (as in the title of his book) and that choice isn’t deadly because of the vaccine itself. It’s deadly because not doing it places lives at risk. And Paul said 10,000 vaccines, not 100,000. Adding zeroes for effect is false narrative to the point of blatant fabrication. The person who needs to “get the (beep!) out of here” is you, Taylor. YOU are the threat to us all – you and your fellow anti vax lunatics!

Taylor fails at being a paralegal

This entry that I am replying to appeared while I was in Adelaide.

Taylor is being a bully again – this time picking on Ben Horwich. Ben was the lawyer who successfully argued for the defendants in the famous Bruesewitz v Wyeth case where the Supreme Court ruled that all cases of vaccine injury has to go through the Vaccine Court including claims of faults in the vaccines themselves. The whole idea was to protect pharmaceutical companies from useless court cases that eats into their revenue that they need for vaccine research and development.

Now on the one hand I don’t buy that – because it doesn’t take much for a good lawyer to argue vexatious litigation against vaccine injury claimants in a proper court. But of course the Yanks being the Yanks, it’s all about the money.

However there can be no doubt that the amount spent would indeed compromise the money needed for good R&D. Horwich argued rightly that vaccines are not a lucrative market – something that I have pointed out in effect a great deal (that vaccines don’t make a profit).

Taylor though calls this “gross”, and throws a tantrum over injured babies and calls her own son brain damaged in a disgusting act of hate speech as her son is Autistic. Where’s the proof? Nowhere! That’s a basic fail and it’s why the argument was successful in the Supreme Court. There was no case that could be proven to the required level in a proper court of law. The Vaccine Court doesn’t need that level of proof – I’ve always said that was a mistake.

But Taylor fails big time when she claims that there is no way to bring the pharmaceutical companies down in court. BULL! All you have to do is forget the vaccine injury angle. Provide a fault in the process and argue against the ingredients! Talk about the potential, not actual, with back up! It can be done! But you won’t because you refuse to leave the vaccine injury angle alone. That’s why Taylor fails in her attempt to be a paralegal. She is blinded by bias and is unable to think clearly.